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Reflexology: Addressing Pain and Putting Cancer Patients at Ease

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At this time, because of Covid-19 Restrictions, I am not giving reflexology sessions. Please stay safe and well. If you would like to know when I start up again, please leave your email address at

How Can You Benefit From Reflexology?

Reflexology, a wonderful, natural approach to reviving the body’s own abilities to heal itself, assists the body in clearing toxins from it, releasing stress and tension. This system of working on the feet is ancient and appears in diverse cultures across the globe and throughout history. Earliest traces of Reflexology have been found around 5000 years ago in India, China, Japan and Egypt. Different forms of reflexology were well known in the Middle Ages in Europe.

Not only do people who are having health challenges benefit from reflexology, but many healthy people are embracing this treatment for its revitalizing and rejuvenating effects in a manner to maintain their good health. Reflexology is helpful in relaxing the body and improving circulation. It simulates endorphines to reduce pain. By cleansing the toxins from the body, it produces a clear, natural balance. Over all, reflexology is a wonderful addition to anything you are doing to feel better, reduce pain and stiffness or release toxins from the body.

Charles' NEW Springfield Office at The Lotus Center
4949 Urbana Road, Springfield, Ohio 45502
(North of Springfield following North Limestone (St Rt 72 and old 68), across the road from International Harvester's Credit Union)

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Letter of Recommendation Narinder K. Saini M.D.

Article by Brent A. Bauer, M.D.,
Mayo Clinic on Reflexology.

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