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Colds, Flu and Toxins
The Springfield Newspaper, September 30, 2009
September, 2009 Article: Colds, Flus and Toxins, by Charles Leath, Certified Reflexologist

With the weather turning cooler, and the advent of autumn and winter just around the corner, many thoughts are turning to the threat of colds and flu.

Colds and the flu can be caused by high levels of toxins, according to Dr. Henry Bieler, well-known physician and author of Food is Your Best Medicine

Toxins can be defined as substances producing physical imbalances in an individual. We are consistently exposed to toxins every day from the outside environment, as well as a result of imbalances in our metabolism.

Toxins are eliminated from the body by the liver, kidneys, lymphatics, colon, lungs and skin. As more toxins accumulate, they place severe stress on these elimination organs. With continued accumulation, they may begin to malfunction, causing a weakening of the immune system. The endocrine glands no longer secrete the proper amounts of hormones into the bloodstream and the internal environment allows harmful micro-organisms and viruses to grow rapidly. By eliminating toxins from the body with reflexology, it can maintain proper equilibrium and the ability to clear viruses before they can do harm.

Reflexology is a wonderful, natural approach to reviving the body’s own abilities to heal itself and assists the body in clearing toxins from it. Reflexology will add to the power of other treatments you are already using in your health regimen. It compliments all traditional medical treatments and can boost any natural processes you are using.

Charles can answer your questions at “Healthy You – Body, Mind and Soul” part of Tuesdays for You, a Family Health Education Series, at the Upper Valley Mall, Tuesday, Oct 6, from 5-7 pm.

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