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Planning Your Family's Wellness
The Springfield Newspaper, August, 2009
Charles Article August Planning Your Family’s Wellness by Charles Leath, Certified Reflexologist

Families today are working towards better health and better living. We are more versed in health and wellness concepts than ever before.

Senator Harkin, lead Senator drafting the Prevention and Public Health Section of the Health Reform Bill, says we have to change the way we look at health care: To view it with a “sharp new emphasis on prevention and public health”.

Reflexology is a form of preventive medicine that aims to maintain balance and well being, according to The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. It is an excellent way for the whole family to be well, to feel good, and not worry about illness.

Many of the tender spots that collect toxins in the feet give us indicators of health and diet issues. The feet tell you everything you need to know about lifestyle changes you can make towards wellness. Sometimes just simple shifts in your family’s approach to living will make a huge difference in staying well.

The DeKalb Medical Center says that during a reflexology session, specific reflex areas on the feet, hands and ears encompass a complete method of promoting stress reduction. It aids in circulation, balance, vitality and normal body functioning. Reflexology enhances relaxation and an overall sense of health and well-being.

It is a good feeling to know you are taking responsibility for yourself and your family in being well to live a happy life. Reflexology should be part of any healthy lifestyle focusing on wellness.

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