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Feet Have Summer Sense
The Springfield Newspaper, June 4, 2009

Your feet have a mind of their own! They ache when they want you to let them out. They feel stiff when they are not active. They have sore spots when there is a toxic imbalance.

Your feet are very smart and will make you miserable if you donít pay attention to them. Here are a few ways to have happy summer feet:

  • Let your feet out to play. Go for a walk barefoot in the sand at the beach or in your backyard. This wakes up the feet after a long winter.
  • Foot Rock Party: Collect larger, smooth rocks from the driveway, or your childís rock collection. The day of the party leave half of the rocks in the direct sunlight to gather heat. Put the other half in the refridgerator. When the party starts, put the cold rocks beside the warm ones. Take turns walking from the warm rocks to the cold ones. Your feet will feel alive again! (Best way: use basalt stones for heat and marble rocks for cold)
  • Wear shoes that support your feet according to your activities. Flip flops are good for beach wear, but not for everyday use. Wear supportive shoes for walking and sports.

    Walking on rocks and the ground in your bare feet will activate the reflexology pressure points in the feet to release toxin buildup. Treat your feet right this summer! They will thank you for it and feel great for your warm weather activities.

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