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Reflexology: Why Work the Feet?
The Springfield Newspaper, , 2009

The holistic therapy of reflexology has been used over thousands of years to promote physical health and wellbeing in people from all walks of life. It works well with and supports other traditional therapies. Medical doctors are embracing the benefits of reflexology.

Since the feet are at the lowest part of the body, gravity pulls toxins and waste material down to that area. These toxins tend to build up forming a blockage. By clearing these blockages, the area is restored to a balanced state.

The feet are farther from and lower than the heart so blood circulation slows down in the feet and could stagnate. By working the feet with reflexology, the blood is stimulated to circulate.

The body has a natural ability to heal itself. In a world that's always looking for quick fixes, we hinder the amazing healing ability of our own bodies.

Poor diets, and compromised digestive processes disrupt the body's natural rhythms and energies; eventually our health suffers. Reflexology is an all natural approach to reviving the body's own healing abilities and balance.

Reflexology can be beneficial in relaxing the body and improving circulation. It simulates endorphines to reduce pain. By cleansing the toxins from the body, it produces a clear, natural balance.

Reflexology is great for those who wish to maintain their good health, and well as enhancing sleep patterns.

Over all, reflexology is a wonderful addition to anything you are doing to feel better, reduce pain and stiffness or release toxins from the body.

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