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Honoring Your Feet With Reflexology
The Springfield Newspaper, April 15, 2009
In ancient times, the feet were pampered because they were as important to humans as our cars are today. When a guest came to visit, a basin of water and scented oils were brought to cleanse and cool the feet. It was a loving and honoring gesture.

Over the years, we lost that love for our feet. It may have come by wearing closed shoes, and not having to walk long distances. Our feet need to be cared for and loved again.

We donít pay enough attention to our sore, aching feet. The feet work hard for you every day. Just think about all the things your feet do for you.

Reflexology is an excellent tool based on the principle that the entire body is mirrored in the feet. Specific areas of the feet, over 7200 to be exact, correspond to different glands, organs and parts of the body. Working these reflex points by the application of pressure helps relax, balance and normalize the function of the body.

You might think your feet donít have much feeling in them. Your feet are probably more sensitive than any other part of your body. Did you know all the nerve endings in the body end up in the feet?

Our normal fast-paced lifestyle means most of us have painful feet. This can make you tired and irritable. By wearing uncomfortable shoes or walking on concrete surfaces your feet suffer.

After a reflexology session, your tired, sore feet feel revived and you feel relaxed. Appreciating and loving your feet will ultimately help you feel better.

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