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Your Feet Can Relieve Holiday Stress
The Springfield Newspaper, December 3, 2009
Did you know the Christmas season is typically the most stressful time of the year? Stress and anxiety are common during the festive season.

A Certified Reflexologist can melt away the stress and make your feet feel rejuvenated. If you have not experienced its wonderful benefits, now is the perfect time.

In foot reflexology, pressure is applied to "reflex areas", resulting in stress reduction. Reflexology is not just a good foot rub; it targets specific reflex points. By working these areas vigorously it eliminates stress. Promoting natural healing it also brings about feelings of overall wellbeing. Reflexology restores natural balance and is valuable in determining high stress or tension areas in the body. Many health conditions and diseases are stress related. Foot reflexology proves to be a promising complementary treatment.

Itís important to remember that reflexology does not get rid of your stressful situations. Those things just donít go away. But reflexology treatments help you deal with the problems at hand in a less frazzled way. You are more aware and able to progress through the season.

Having regular reflexology sessions aids in releasing the affects of stress on the body and mind. It can be the difference between fearing the holidays (and family interaction) and enjoying them.

The problem with holidays is they come only once a year! The advantage of reflexology is itís possible to have sessions at regular intervals. With a little careful planning, the good effect can be made to last throughout the year.

Stress is everywhere these days especially during the holidays. Fortunately reflexology, from one treatment to another helps you shrug off the trauma of life and begin to enjoy your holiday season.

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