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Reflexology: A Natural Tension Tamer
The Springfield Newspaper, April 8, 2009
The high stress of today’s lifestyle creates the ‘fight or flight’ syndrome, originally used by ancient humans as a means of self preservation. The body responds with a burst of adrenalin into the blood stream when faced with traumatic situations. Since modern man does not utilize the adrenalin as a response to a threatening or dangerous situation, it gets stored in the tissues.

If the stressful situation continues unresolved, the body weakens and becomes more susceptible to a variety of diseases. The endless list of modern stressors affects everyone no matter what the age is.

Abnormal tension causes tightening of the muscles, and the nerves are affected resulting in pain. Compression of the reflexes will relieve congestion; improve blood supply and lower stress levels. Deep relaxation assists the nervous system to function normally, thereby affecting all the body functions. Toxins and impurities are also removed more effectively.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, Professor of Surgery, Columbia University, and regular guest on Oprah Winfrey's Show, always makes sure each of his patients gets reflexology treatment. He knows the benefits are releasing tension from the body, so it can heal.

Reflexology is an amazing therapy when dealing with stress and tension. Because of the relaxation, it helps the patient to unwind and release all the tension caused by everyday situations.

By relaxing from a reflexology treatment, you begin to breathe properly, your body relaxes and the mind calms. It is your natural tension tamer.

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